Cancel order

It is possible that you place an order and that you decide before delivery that you want to cancel the order after further consideration. You can make your cancellation known in writing, by e-mail by stating your name, order number, and debtor number at [email protected]. You will then receive a written confirmation by e-mail within two working days that your request has been processed. Unless there is force majeure.

Note: Vivimex does not handle cancellations over the phone.


If you cancel the agreement, you owe Vivimex compensation of 30% of what you should have paid in the execution of the agreement. The percentage is 50% if you cancel an agreement while you have already been informed that the completion or delivery (or part of it if it concerns a partial delivery) can take place.

After an order has been placed and Vivimex has processed the order, materials are held for you and the order picking process is started. That is why there is compensation in the event of cancellation.

Customization and special orders

Customization and items/services specially ordered for you cannot be canceled.

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